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Taiidan Retribution
"Taiidan Force's inbound!"
"open up the turbo laser abtteires and destroy-
"sir! hyperspace signature detected!... It's Ion Frigates- *static*

a crossover continuation of…

Homeworld and star wars crossovers are my favorite crossovers :3 

Homeworld is property of Relic, Sierra and Gearbox.

Star Wars is property of Disney and lucas arts. 

A birthday gift for the awesome artist :iconproxygreen:. if you're into surreal army esque art, check him out.

I know that these things, are unlikely to hapepn and most likely a chain message of some sorts, and will most likely betray my guilibility. But it's
better to take the safe road in the face of such a small possibility being true.

the following text is from :iconsentinel339:'s own respective journal entry.

This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked
The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone

Next Journal entry , I promise you'll get something more substantial.And the Previous journal entry (here: Spread the love :)Hey guys, it's me. Been a while since I've done a journal entry thought, but there nothing really to report.
I'm just here to do something fun. start off by :iconshukafae: and brought to my attention by :iconTakatheSquirrel:.
the first fifteen people to comment o nthis journal will have three of their pictures form their gallery featured here. if you comment you need to make a journal entry and do this, putting me in the first spot (wich I will be doing with Taka's pics respectively).
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! if you don't do a re-do, sorry to say, you off the list.
that beign said, let's have fun :) (will update as comments are added and thumbs are chosen).
1., ,  by :iconTakatheSquirrel:
2., ,  by :iconShukafae:
) is still very much under my watchful supervison.

so stay safe, and as always

Peace be the journey-


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I've been considering doing something like this for a while. anyway I have very little points and I feel I need to stock pile
before my premium membership expires. so if you have any points to donate that'd be great. they might even go to an awesome commission or a good cause one day :)

update 12/23/14: in light of the recent premium membership deals, I'm increasing the donation pool size so that I might be able to obtain a PM. i' not asking you to give me all your points, but if you could spare one, it would be most appreciated.

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