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Twilight of the Vaygr by MethusulaComics Twilight of the Vaygr by MethusulaComics
Some more HomeWorld fan art.

for those of you who have played Relic's Homeworld 2, we know that the conflict ended with(spoiler for those haven't played the HW2 campaign) the Hiigaran's victorious and ushering In the Age of s'jet.But recently I came across some works by :iconarghouse: including Vaygr wreckage, and that planted a seed in my mind. or rather, reignited a passing thought with more certainty.

What if, if there is ever a Homeworld 3, Instead of focusing on the Hiigarans, it focuses on the Vaygr. Not them trying to assault Hiigara (which didn't work out for them), but trying to find their own place in the galaxy/universe and grow outside the influence/legacy of Makaan? Not to mention survive whatever dangers still reside in the galaxy.

"When the siege of Hiigara ended, the hyperspace cores were united and the eye of arran was discovered. The Hiigaran's ushered in an age of peace through the galaxy and even began explorations to other galaxys within the reach of the eye's hyperspace network. The age of s'jet, to the date, is currently the absolute pinnacle of hiigaran culture and power.

But for the defeated Vaygr, the age of S'jet was a time of turmoil and little relief. Post age of S'jet,Under Makaan's leadership, the Vaygr had been thoroughly vilified and demonized as a result of the many casualties the vaygr armada inflicted on the galaxy. However, upon makaan's death, the leadership of the Vaygr Immediately regressed back to it's tribal roots. Each tribe taking there respective fleets back to their territories and whatever occupied worlds and holdings they could keep.

the Most Religious Tribes would declare Makaan a Martyr, and s'jet a False Prophet. They would launch suicidal assaults against whatever Hiigaran outpost or fleet's we're within their reach. However they would be repealed, or outright destroyed.

The more militarily organized tribes would follow in a similar vein, but with less religious fervor and more tactical planning. However, their insatiable need for resources to support their fleets would often lead to them driving their own colonies into ecological ruin.Numerous occupied worlds would rebel with covert Hiigaran support and cause a great amount of trouble for these particular tribes once liberated.

Many tribes would take to petty piracy, all together abandoning their worlds in favor of becoming an eternally wandering fleet.Not even other Vaygr tribes we're exempt from their crosshairs. these too, would often be put down by Hiigaran patrol fleets or even other Vaygr fleets.

However the last variant of the Tribes we're those who instead of begrudging the Hiigarans, would instead approach them, with an audience for peace.

These tribes negotiated a treaty that would allow Vaygr military and civilian ships to pass through and remain in hiigaran space unharassed. Any act of aggression on both parties would result in disciplining and punishment of any transgressing party, Hiigaran or Vaygr. Another aspect of the Treaty was that all Occupied worlds of non-Vaygr origin were to be immediately restored to the possession of either the local cultures, or hiigaran government if the local government felt they were better for handling the worlds problems.

Some tribes were lucky In that despite the loss of there occupied worlds, their own planets were still ecologically stable or within reach of resources to maintain their fleet. with a council between these lucky cultures, they prosper in relative peace, even with Hiigaran borders.

Many tribes however, having no world of their own, were forced to begin creating massive civilian ships to traverse the galaxy. The historical irony did not go unnoticed by the Hiigarans, as their ancient ancestors had once been forced to seek out a new world, after being forced off their own.In an order decread by Karan S'jet herself, humanitarian aid was sent to the Vaygr, along with new astronomical navigation technology to help these now nomadic Vaygr find a new world to establish themselves on.

These fleets still wander,their children forced to live in carrier's and colony ships that carried their grandparents, still yearning for belonging. for a Home.

with all this division, and no world to call their own, many of the historians within these particular Tribes now refer to the Age of S'jet as The
Twilight of the Vaygr."- Exceprt from "The Age of S'jet: a modern historical retrospective."

Homeworld (and the Hiigaran and Vaygr) belong to Gearbox and Relic.

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Art Dazzling !!! I am a dummy! 
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You are welcome !!! :) (Smile) 
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