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a lovely little journal meme that I got tagged with by :iconnoxv: concerning 13 little questions. now before I answer those questions, here are the rules:
1. Write the rules
2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you.
3. Make your own 13 questions.
4. Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. Don't just say "You're tagged if you read this"
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.

so, right off the bat i'll answer the questions.
1. What is it you're most afraid of?
Wasp and/ or living my entire life single.
2. What is the one thing you care about more than anything else?
That's honestly a bit difficult, I have alot of things that I care about, but if anything, I mostly care about my freedom of expression and ability of expression.
3. What do you want out of life?
The happiness of others and myself.
4. If you could go back in time and give your younger self one piece of advice, what would it be?
To be more confident in approaching girls in high school. and signing up to this site sooner.
5. How do you spend your free time?
Drawing, writing, gaming, hanging out with friends and family.
6. Power, Speed, or Defense? (pick one)
7. What has been your best day so far?
I have a lot of candidates for that answer, but so far I'd say it was when I first started Gallowglass
8. Are you a morning person?
Yes. And again this usually allows me to work up more motivation to make more pictures/ writing progress.
9. What's the worst injury you've received?
The time I accidentally gutted one of my thumbs with the opener of a soda can.
10. What's the most important quality you look for in a friend?
The ability to accept criticism and advise, as well as give it in return. a strong second is loyalty. honesty is also among some honorable mentions.
11. Are you good at cooking?
nope. not form scratch.
12. If you could take a trip to any place on the planet all expenses paid, where would you go?
Ireland. Being part irish I've always been curious as to what it's like.
13. Favorite Childhood memory?
a lot to choose form, but the time I went whale watching in cape cod. I didn't see a whale breach, but seeing their tails in person left enough of an impression.

All right, now, on to My Questions that i'll be tagging people with:
1. What gives you the most conifidence in life?
2.What did you want to grow up to be as a child?
3.What was your first pet?
4.Favorite movie? you ever think you're too self conscious?
6.Favorite Book?
7. did you like your middle school/high School?
8. ever been outside your country of origin?
9. would you go to another planet if you could?
10. do you think PC/console wars are overrated?
11. what moment in your life did you think you were badass?
12.favorite comedy quote?
13. best/ worst dream ever?

now onto who I'm tagging:

Have fun!
Warning: Very, Very Long entry. Expect paragraphs line breaks and lots of rambling.
I've been at Anime Boston 2017 for the weekend. And man was it awesome. Not only that it is also the 15th anniversary since this particular con began in 2003., so it's extra special.
as always the people we're awesome, the convention center were bustling,  the artist were awesome, and the Guest and panel Line up was fantastic as always.

following last year's routine I managed to attend the opening ceremonies along with a few other panels before hand.
and the Guest of honor for this Con were as follows:
first off are the Japanese guest;
 Puffi AmiYumi, who's cartoon I actually watched and legendary Japanese band, and Okamoto's, the rock Band behind one of the openings of Gintama and durarara (hope I got that right.).

Toru Furuya, the Japanese voice actor for tuxedo mask (sailor moon), Yamcha (DBZ) and Amuro Ray(mobile suit gundam). he has also done voices for characters from Saint Seiya, Star of Giants,Detective Conan, Lupin III and Bleach, among many other series.

Hirokatsu kihara, author, story teller and former GHIBLI member and has been involved with ghiblis work such as Laputa: Castle in the sky, My Neighbor Totoro and Kiki's delivery service. however he has also made a splash in the horror genre in Asian cinema, mainly via Tales of Terror: Hautned Apartment. h has also written several books. and I gotta tell ya, he was the most energetic Japanese entrance I've ever seen. them an certainly has a passion to him. you'd have to be there to see it.

Makashiko minami,Producer and President of BONES. having see FMA, cowboy bebop and My Hero academia, I'm gratefully that he put time into creating a company that would encourage such talents.
Speaking of My Hero Academia, this Con also marked the premier of My Hero Academia season 2's English dub.

Shingo Nastume, the Director of Space Dandy and ONE PUNCH MAN. he has also directed a new series thato ne of my gfriends ahs taken a liking to; ACCA:13-territory inspection dpetarment. it's not action packed, and is more like a drama straight out of masterpiece theater in fictional setting. requires a certia ndegree of patience and understanding. hopefully i'll get around to it.

Wakana Okamaru, the woman responsible for Pyscho-pass and My hero Acadmeia, along with various other serious.

Naokatsu Tsuda, the director of Jojo's bizzare Adventure (2016). The recent resurgence in Jojo fandom is proof that he's treating Hirohiko Araki's work with care.

Now on to the North American Guest:

Greg Ayres, who many of you may recognize as Doug from Gangsta,Chrono from Chrono Crusade, or MonoKuma form Danganronpa. he also has many, many more roles than that.

Bryson Baugus, the English voices of Bell from "is it wrong to try and pick up girls in a dungeon?". this is his first time attending the con.

And the Legend himself.... JOHNY YONG BOSCH, Voice acting legend, signer ad actor. many of you know him for contributing to the Characters of Vash, Ichigo, The black power ranger, Kaneda, lelouch and many other characters in anime and games. and also, ver important..... I MEET HIM IN PERSON!! :la: I even got a Trigun print signed by him. I think I just completed one of my life goals. He truly is a nice person and seems to enjoy a lot of his work.

also worthy of notice was Christopher R Sabat, the commonly regarded Demigod of anime voice acting, Patrick steiz, who has doen work for various characters, Dio Brando, Scorpion, and Kenpachi, argueably the most famous characters he's voiced.

Not to leave the ladies out, there was also Cherami leigh, who many of you will regonize as the voice of Asuna fro Sword art online. Lisa Ortiz, most known as the voice for lina inverse, amy rose, and deedlit. Brina Plaencia, known for voice acting Ceil PhantomHive.Michelle Ruff, known for Voice acting Sinon and many others.
but it wasn't just the guest that got me amped, oh not even close. if anything it was the peoplen anime and panels. The cospalyers were great, the girls were goroguesand the guys we're badass. and I evne learned of few new anime (and maybe some old ones).
Panels out of the way first thought.
of course I looked forward to the Nostalgia ball, and while the location was changed the energy was still there. I danced with a few gorgoues girls as always. but this year there was something new. a Semi formal ball, the Sepia-swing ball. meant to happen the day after (Saturday) think a slightly less stringent dress code and less qued music (waltz, ramba ect.) with overall dance music. and i got say the semi formal ball is a successes. and I look forward to what they'll do next year.
also I managed to witness( occasioanlly participate) a little bit of the epic polls, Anime Taboo, the Cospaly lypsync Battle panel,Tokyo turf wars and even extreme geeks, which some how got evne mroe wild and wierd than the last time XD. I was curious to check out cospaly shenanigans but having goen to extreme geeks right after the semi formal ball,.i..i just couldn't go on.
 I meet many new people at this con and evne ran into some familar faces, one of which was Trevor Muller, who's comic panel I managed to catch the ending of, and he imprinted this really impressive quote form josh wedon that I think has reignited my passion for Gallow Glass:
"I don't tell the story's I like, I tell the stories I love."
Speaking of Artist, i encoutnered quite a few.
i barley managed to reacth the artis alley in order to meet the lovely :iconelf-chuchu:, who i recall meeting last year. I even managed to buy her work, Echoes of Arcadia, which I recall seeing alst year, but now thati actually have it, I'm curious to see how it plays out.i'm even planning on doing some art once i finish the story (or at least the volume).
speaking of deviants, I also happened to encounter :icondariendoodles: and :iconlizziedevlyn: who have very high quality work. unfortunately I didn't recognize :icondhayman85::iconlilythescorpio:, :icontoxicstarstudio: and :iconauraspirality:, but i feel they deserve a shout out anyway,because for all I know they might have actually been at the con. Hope you had a good time this year guys and girls!

I also happened to encounter a few artist who primarily debut on instagram... might expand to their or another site in the future honestly.
As for the anime I witnessed, it was varried acutally. right off the bat i took a peak at Death note. in my view honestly it was a bit overrated, but seeing it with multiple people and hearing it's soundtrack and voice acting fully, i gotta say death note's respect is well deserved. i'ts not my personal favorite mind you, but it's still good. 

Next I took a gander at amagi Brilliant park. barely hearing of it on the internet and seeing only a few gifs, I was relatively blind. The premise is this for those who don't know, Seyia Kane is narcissist who finds himself being involved with the bizzare cast and characters responsible for managing the park of the same name, but the cast have more magic to them then meats the eye. in my eyes this is anime's parody of diseny land and it actually quite funny, evne if the color shceme or character design might not be your thing.

then I previewed an anime which I had heard of before, I ventured a look at Witch Hunter Robin, and I gotta say it I might be into it. it' atmosphere is more mystical than science fiction and it's style immediately reminded me of ergo proxy, thought the world is more magic/sciene combined rather than the transhuman science of the former.the story follows Robin Sena, a craft user who joins the organization known as SOLOMON to hunt witches, humans with the "craft", essentially a genetic trait that may or may not have super natural origins that grants occult pwoers. it's good for people who want something atmospheric but slightly faster paced.

Space dandy was among my viewing criteria and it's praise is well earned. though having wandered into a mid episode, I can't really pass any serious recommendations, but the action animation is actually good and the universe of space dandy is so vast that even things that don't make sense, make sense. but one things for certain,..It's DANDY TIME! XD

yet another anime I watched was Tokyo Magnitude 8. mostly compelled by curiosity and never having really seen a disaster anime before I gotta say this was actually not a disaster anime, but a very human anime. the series follows Mirair, a jaded girl, her borther yuki and a biker woman Mari, who are all at Odaiba when a massive earth quake hits, causing ruin and forcing the surviors to band together and explore the depths of their humanity. unlike most disaster pieces, this one actually focuses more on the human element, and showing the depths of compassion like Mari and when a disaster happens it doesn't show graphic character death of even background characters. it following to children with a distant family, you can expect this series to go to some emotional places. but it do so with tact and true genuine empathy.

I also happened to see a little bit of eurka seven and after having glimpsed an action scene myself, I mgith be able to get into it, but i'll have to start from the pilot, as always.

the one anime that really caught me off guard thought, was an anime called Fro mthe New World. even when I read the panel description, I was blind. it takes palce in a dystopian future where pyshic powers have appernlty been around for some time. however, five children learn that all they have been taught to do and told to fear may have deeper roots,...and may be an illusion of control. honestly the aesthetic reminds me a little bit of noein, but it's arguably far darker. think a mix of dark souls, nier, 1984, minus any graphic violence andm roe of an atmosphere of constant action nand confusion, and you've got yourself From the New World
As for purchases,
I got myself Berserk vol 1 and Trigun the complete series, along with Seven to Eternity vol 1: the God of whispers by Rick Remender, Jerome Opena, and Matt Hollingsworth.
overall regardless of any minor misgivings, I would say this has been a good year.

and I wish you many more. and who knows, I might even make some comics about some things I saw or found amusing. I Might even try seeing if I can see what Connecticon is like when the time comes.

till next time guys.

Peace be the Journey-
I know that these things, are unlikely to hapepn and most likely a chain message of some sorts, and will most likely betray my guilibility. But it's
better to take the safe road in the face of such a small possibility being true.

the following text is from :iconsentinel339:'s own respective journal entry.

This hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hacks your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked
The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he/she will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone

Next Journal entry , I promise you'll get something more substantial.And the Previous journal entry (here: Spread the love :)Hey guys, it's me. Been a while since I've done a journal entry thought, but there nothing really to report.
I'm just here to do something fun. start off by :iconshukafae: and brought to my attention by :iconTakatheSquirrel:.
the first fifteen people to comment o nthis journal will have three of their pictures form their gallery featured here. if you comment you need to make a journal entry and do this, putting me in the first spot (wich I will be doing with Taka's pics respectively).
The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! if you don't do a re-do, sorry to say, you off the list.
that beign said, let's have fun :) (will update as comments are added and thumbs are chosen).
1., ,  by :iconTakatheSquirrel:
2., ,  by :iconShukafae:
) is still very much under my watchful supervison.

so stay safe, and as always

Peace be the journey-
Hey guys, it's me. Been a while since I've done a journal entry thought, but there nothing really to report.

I'm just here to do something fun. start off by :iconshukafae: and brought to my attention by :icontakathesquirrel:.

the first fifteen people to comment o nthis journal will have three of their pictures form their gallery featured here. if you comment you need to make a journal entry and do this, putting me in the first spot (wich I will be doing with Taka's pics respectively).

The idea of this is not to get a free feature, it is to spread art around for everyone! if you don't do a re-do, sorry to say, you off the list.

that beign said, let's have fun :) (will update as comments are added and thumbs are chosen).

1. Mason Shirt (Please read description) by TakaTheSquirrel, Kingdom of L'Orn Map by TakaTheSquirrel, Jude by TakaTheSquirrel by :icontakathesquirrel:
2. Lapis Lazuli by Shukafae, Princess Amerei by Shukafae, Final Boss by Shukafae by :iconshukafae:
3. Happy Saint Patty's Day! by CommanderCTC, Can I help you with something... by CommanderCTC, Sir Rosaw by CommanderCTC by :iconcommanderctc:
4. Traffic Rush by MegaDISASTER, The Immune System by MegaDISASTER, Ufo Assault by MegaDISASTER by :iconmegadisaster:
well, new years eve has come round once again.

And it's  been a mixed year. We've had triumphs, changes, ideas and accomplishments from all walks of life. But we've also endured mistakes, catastrophe, and misfortune. 

but through it all, we're still here. and we still have each other.

the living, breathing warmth and comfort of those who we hold dear, and hold us dear in return.

and the memories of those no longer with us.

we have hope for changes for the better. and hope to endure the changes that were for the worse.

through it all, despite the gains and loss, I have this to say.

Happy New Year, Everyone.

let's see what 2017 brings.

-peace be the journey,
I can understand why the audiences everywhere are giving it such positive feedback.

it's a good look at the star wars universe from an alternate perspective, and the movie itself show's just why the empire is so evil and must be opposed.

But the movie also explores the less than savory elements that work for the rebel alliance, as well as extremist who act outside of the alliance's protocols.

Not going to spoil anything, but the ending is bittersweet, and show cases why the rebel are so heroic in the face of the overwhelming and remorseless malignance of the empire.

I can safely say that after this, we're all looking forward to more "A star wars story" movies.

This has Been M.C, siging off, and remember-

"Rebellions are built on hope."
first alien contact movie.
this year(or decade in my opinion).

it's premise is an old favorite in the sci fi genre. Aliens arrive on earth and seek contact (or alternatively conquest) with humans. But this films adds tremendous depth and uniqueness to the premise and overall focuses on the more positive aspect of contact.

The premise in question is this; Twelve alien ships dubbed "Shells" suddenly appear In various parts of the world, prompting the government's of each affected country to scramble in order to understand what's going on. one happens to land in Montana and we follow Louise Banks, a linguist, who is recruited by the US to help translate communications with these otherworldly beings. Meanwhile the rest of the world reacts In there own way to the visitors, and not all are friendly.

Arrival is, in all honesty, a beautiful film, one that focuses on communication and why it is so essential for civilization and individuals to take the time to understand each other rather than react to presumptions. The film itself has moments of tragedy, horror (with no gore or violence), hope, discovery and more importantly, understanding.

The Cinematography is stunning and the musical score adds weight to what' your supposed to feel In each and every scene.

and the overall theme is the most important.

Honestly I wish I could bombard you guys with details and analysis but I don't want to spoil this movie.

it's best that you see this movie for yourself.

Peace be the journey-
well, my lovely friends, watchers and anonymous browsers. yesterday I was absent. the reason being simple, really.

New York City Comic Con 2016 :) (Smile)

(fair warning, this is going to be a long one.)

The sheer amount of what goes on here is stunning, and the amount of dedication and love the staff and attendees put into this con always leaves be surprised. Not only that, I was meet by familiar faces as well, some of which I even encountered at the Boston Anime Con. Not only that, I've encountered some celebrities among convention goers. And while everything I say here may seems vain or promotional, I'm not trying to lord anything over people reading this. I just feel the need to share my experiences (before my crappy memories erases or deludes them all together). and you know something, artist and individuals, even with a large fan base or plenty of starting support, need promotion, which I can actually emphasize with, being an amateur artist and all.

so here we go. here's my Comic con story of 2016,

 In the Comics section, I've managed to procure Spawn Ressurection and two new works I've never heard of before, and that I feel should be mentioned here. right off the bat we have Kodoja, a five issue mini series by Keith Foster and art work done by Rory smith. Kodoja is a tribute inspired by the likes of Godzilla and other giant monster movies, and even has unique twist to the title creature.The artwork alone is an attention grabber.

second is Tokyo Ghost; the anatomy garden. right off the bat, it was the cover that got my attention. and the premise seems interesting and promises to be a good cyberpunk read. the comic is written by rick remender and has art by Sean Murphy.

third is Spawn Resurrection. I've already seen glimpses of it's panels on the internet, and me being a diehard spawn fan, this promises to be a good addition to my incomplete and sporadic spawn collection. this addition also feautres stories and art by Jonboy and Paul Jenkins. The story seems to be a reboot or at least an alternate story (comic books are so confusing).

as I complete reading these comics, I might make journal entrees to let people know what I think.

also, I happened upon a booth selling a comic (which I did not buy, but have a card of) by the name Flabergast, by Mark Mariano. It's art style is simplistic and fun the premise is that a group of paranormal investigators is looking for ghost, but instead encounter horror and sci-fi sheninigans a little out of their league.

As for people whom I've meet from last year, I actually ran into :iconchasingartwork: once again and told him about my new spawn picture that was in turn inspired by his pic. We talked here and there (as I'm notorious for moving form booth to booth) and I even broached with him a question about weather or not people have asked him to make a picture featuring characters/creatures of Dark Souls. He has actually gotten a lot of request to do so, but has never had the time. so I offered to do a dark souls pic in his stead.
a big order ,I know, me still being an amateur, but I feel that given my recent explosion of creative effort and artistic improvement, it makes sense to do so. and if it doesn't pan out, at least I tried.

also, I bought the print of his kickass rendition of Zenyatta. it's actually In my faves and you can see it here:Zenyatta- 21 days of Overwatch!

Another face is the lovely :iconcorrsollarobot: whom I actually encountered last year. she's a very lovely person and is the writer of the comic series which is the namesake of her own account. Her work is amazing and is defiantly worth checking out. Her fan art of Kill La Kill (which I actually did watch recently) is awesome  and chalk full of detail, her own original work is just as much as an eye grabber. So for those of you who love a colorful and crazy art style that's still gentle on the eye, then check out her stuff.

another artist, whom I actually meet at Anime Boston this year was :iconofskysociety: an amazing artists whom's lovely rendition of Sona I've seen before, and has an amazing gallery with characters from various series and franchises. Seriously check it out, it's beautiful.

as for fellow deviants I happened to encounter, one happened to be :iconzzyzzyy: and the other an artist behind a beautiful Berserk print that I happened to buy. unfortunately, I've forgotten the name (or even if the artist in question has a DA account). if anyone knows the artist, please inform me  so as to mention him or her properly.

now I didn't just exclusively seek out fellow Deviant's and comic authors. I happend to encounter some associates of April Adams, the author of Drawing the Dragon (which I unfortunately haven't finished reading and should really pick up again). I also happened to encounter miss C.G Hatton, the author of the Thieves Guild  series. she was very nice and is a pleasant addition to the Con. if you're nto galaxy spanning intreuge and a relatively new title, seek out her series. I also happened to encounter one of the key figures of, wait for it,....

.... the Star Wars expanded universe(aka Legends), Kevin J Anderson.

 We briefly talked and it was nice to encounter a figure to a franchise I love. I did briefly bring Disney's continuity decision, but he seemed allright, and as he put it "Legends simply takes place in a alternate universe". Hearing it from an author of the EU itself, I'm kinda strangely at peace (Force Awakens is still awesome though).It seems I wasn't the first to voice that question. Hopefully i'll meet him next year and perhaps be less awkward.

as I was walking through the art sections, I happened to pass by the booth selling a book series, who's first initial volume is titled "flesh of the blood", by Ea Channon. To quote/paraphrase the author (or one of his associates)  the premise is "lord of the rings with the technology of Frankenstein". if any of you guys are interested, check them out.

and finally, bit of a short one here, I didn't buy the comic but I happened upon the Kingdom of Blood Comic by Robert Geranimo. the premis is simple; the kingdoms of men are separated by wastelands ravaged by horrific monsters. one man, after his lover contracts a mysterious disease, ventures into the wastelands and forgotten kingdoms to find a cure. it promises to be a great, fast paced and simple read, and judging from the art I saw at the booth, it's going to be a great ride for fans of horror and ultra violence.

now onto some non comic/book related things.

First, and this was early on in the con, I released I was going to need a bag (which I didn't bring), so In my mild panic I happened upon a Valve booth. the clerk was kind enough to provide me a free bag, but when he mentioned I shouldn't tell anyone(likely to avoid everyone swarming them for free bags), I decide to be a sport and i bought myself an aperture science teacup. The irony is that at the time of writing, the tea cup seems to have disappeared. And the bag would actually later contribute to an " I f*cked up  moment" later.Sweating a little...

Second, as I was looking for a shirt I happened upon the booth for Volante Design, a clothing company which sells wares inspired by media (deadpool and deus ex being the ones that got my attention). as I was trying on this wicked Deus ex style shirt , I was about to bring out my money pay for it, and this is the amusing part, the vendor tells me it's gonna be around 250-260 dollars. I froze, literally shocked. I expected it to be double digits, not triple digits. so unfortunately, no badass shirt for me. The fellow was nice enough to give me a card with my size drawn on it and mentioned that Christmas is coming around. methinks I smell something new for the Christmas list on the horizon.Meow :3 

also, I got a cute BB-V8 magnet. my home's fridge is not magnetic, but still,... cute droids.I am a dummy! 

Now, onto what's one of the best elements of any Comic Con; Cosplayers.

Now this feeds into one of the thing mentioned earlier (the "I F*cked up" moment).I happened upon the booth of cosplayer and fellow deviant :iconlisa-lou-who: (who happened to share the booth with :iconmegturney: who I did not have the pleasure of meeting in person). After having a nice chat (learning she had a DA account that was somewhat inactive), and taking some pictures with us and passersby, I started to move away from the booth, only to realize I felt something missing.
My Phone.
Not gona lie, I freaked out, particularly sweeting with anxiety. And at the zenith of my panic it took the observation of one of the attendants to point out that my phone was in my bag, not lost or tossed aside by my carelessness. You see, the valve bag actually had only one transparent end, and a black end, and my phone was black. Needless to say, realizing I had panicked for nothing, my first thought was "I F*cked up". hopefully next year I can avoid such a....embarrassing moment.

next, and you guys/gals who are cospalyer enthusiast are gonna feel your jaws drop when you read this.

I Meet Jessica Nigri and Saw Yayahan attending the con.
..... did you pick up your jaws yet, ladies and gentlemen?
so, miss Nigri's both had an unbelievably long line, encompassing around two angles of an adjacent booth. The wait was not unbearable, the staff accompanying miss Nigri we're polite and I actually briefly chatted with her . She happened to be cospalying a Sith Lord, and I was curious if she was cosplaying darth Zannah (thought I said treya, confusing the name at the time). She was actually cosplaying a character of her own creation. I don't know aobut you , but I suddenly feel inspiration for a star war's pic. Also, it's surreal that she was cosplaying as a sith when a fair distance away within the center, mr. Anderson was selling copy's of his star wars stories (along with his contribution to Dune).

as for Yayahan I didn't really interact with her, but I did see her as she was being interviewed(by IGN if I remember correctly). It's kinda of amazing to meet and see famous cosplayers, espically those two.

and I didn't meet just them.

I also had the pleasure of encountering and taking a photo with Kristen Hughey and Soni Aralynn, famous Cospalyers who also work aside Leeanna Vamp, yet another famous cospalyer.

Not only that, I also had the pleasure of meeting Marissa Jade, a reality star and model. As for the show she partakes in, it's actually Mob Wives. We chatted a little bit and I asked her if the show was staged (largely due to my cynicism with reality tv), to my surprise she told me that it's real. not only that, she also has a comic book series based on her.And I thought I wanted to do to many things. XD

and all of these people we're incredibly nice.

and I'm not going to forgot the other cospalyers. It doesn't matter if they're social media famous or not, they all put their hearts into their work. The guys costumes were kickass and the girls we're stunningly beautiful. Heck if I get a break I might cosplay myself! I'm thinking of going for the starting knight set for dark souls 3.

On something a little more down to earth, I actually donated to a booth that was doing charity for breast cancer research. It actually felt good to donate to it, after all, breast cancer affects both genders. so if you're at a Con and you see some one doing charity for anything worth while, please donate.

anyway, I had an awesome experience at this year's con. everything came together in a brilliant way, even with minor bumps and hurdles. In fact, I might even makes comics of these moments, for the sake of entertainment. I do have photos, but that i'll probably have to think over before I do anything.

anyways that's it guys, sorry for the wall of text. but I felt like sharing this with you (even if it seems a little vain).

also, I owe the possibility of even experiencing this con to :iconsliverwarrior:. he bought the tickets to the con, and I wouldn't have even gotten into cons In the first place if it weren't for him.

PS. I only realized now this is actually my fourth time at the con, but I  kept telling people it was my third year XD. and admittedly, due to my crappy memory, there was a lot more experiences I left out, but if you want to hear them I can talk about them in the comments. Or if you have your own experience at this or any recent con, feel free to share in the comments.
to everyone who was mentioned, it was an honor and joy meeting you(or going with in you in Sliverwarriors case) and I hope to see you next year.
as always, peace be the Journey-
Just a heads up for those of you how have been paying attention to my activity (or lack thereof) on this site.Tommorrow i'll be heading out to main for 5 days for a family vacation.
Now I know that I probably owe my watchers a more lengthy explanation or update as t waht's been going on, but I won't bore you with that.
as for my progress on gllowglass, I know that every single one of my watchers and readers has the right to go "Dude, what the hell is taking so long!?". Well, making a comic and balncing real lfie is no easy task let me tell you.
anway, I'm done flapping my digital gums so,
Peace be the Journey everyone,
Anime Boston 2016, to be exact. :)

that's were I've been for the past 4 days.
and boy have a got a lot to tell you, so forgive me if I ramble or brag. I'm just describing what I experienced and I'm trying to paint enough of a picture to get you interested.
also, the last bit will focus on why I haven't posted as much as I would and won't be related to the con.

first off, it's still amazing as always and I actually managed to find myself at the opening ceremonies of the con. and guess who was there?

Eric Vale and Todd haberkorn! they weren't the only guest of honor.
among them were voice actors Patrick Seitz, Monica Rial, Tony oliver, Max mittleman, Erica lindbeck, Carrie keranan, Greg ayres, shino kakinuma, and toshio furukawa.

and among the directors were, masao maruyama, yukiko aikei, kyohei ishiguro,kazutaka satoh.

they even had J Pop stars ALI PROJECT and nano.ripe

needless to say, they all received a warm welcome, even with the crappy weather on Friday. eric vale actually made a joke about that.

 speaking of, I actually got a picture of him!
 and as for panels, unlike last time(unless my memory is playing tricks on me), there were actually a few that I was interested in.

one of which was actually a panel on how to kick start your comic on KickStarter by the author of Sorcery 101, Ken Mcdonald, who I actually bought a horror anthology comic from. it's called Sleep of Reason by the way, if your curious.
as for the panel itself, it was very informative about kickstarting a project and let me tell you all, kickstarting a project is no easy task, it requires a lot of planning and patience. and a huge, supportive and understanding fan base.

Another panel that caught my interest was one about making web comics and was actually headed by two authors who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. Trevor Muller, the Author of Albert the Alien along with various other woks, and one of the artist behind the Webcomic spinnerette, which is a parody of superhero comics such as spiderman. needless to say they offered swell advice on webcomics.

some anime panels actually did catch my interest, as they're was a panel (I believe it was either on Saturday or friday) that was showing an anime series I'd never heard of called "the hosue of five leaves" which follows a ronin by the name of akitsu masanosuke (or masa for short if I remember correctly), a timid man who becomes involved in a group of thieves, who's gang is the namesake of the title. oddly enough this series is also a product of manglobe, the same studio that created Ergo Proxy.

second was a series with the title BBK/BRNK which is actually a really new anime series. to be honest I had no idea what to expect when I read about it on the panel schedule. and I honestly arrived in the middle, but it was weird, wild and colorful. I know some of you will like it more than others, but its good.

the third anime I saw that was new to me was actually Vampire Knight, which I actually didn't know it was a shojo series, but i'll admit it it's good if you're into the school with an anime twist. In this case; vampire students who are may or may not be trying to upset the balance that our two main characters, Yuki and Zero, are trying to uphold. vic morgana actually voices zero and it fits really well. this is more of mystery with little elements of action and with a heavy focus on character relationship and mystery.

and a brief mention goes out to attack on titan's English dub panel (which was actually before vampire knight), which now that I hear in person, is actually really good.
I also saw a little bit of tokyo ghoul's English dub, which is well done, even if it's environment is primarily in japan.

as for other panels, I actually went to a "know your meme" panel which was actually really fun. it's basically seeing how many internet memes your familiar with. and this also started the process of me getting the nickname "chandler from friends". funny thing is I want even cospalying. but I'm actually considering it next year. dark souls anyone?
the second panel is known as "extreme geeks". why is it called that? it's best to experience it.
the third was a cosplay couples game. it was kinda cute seeing cosplayers sticking to their character.
the fourth was actually pretty fun. ever paly the game taboo or charades? well anime taboo was like that and it was insanely fun.

and finally the high light of the panels/events (to me at least), the charity ball the occurs on the first night of the con. it's a lovely setup for people to dress formal and dance to music and interact, maybe even build up lasting bonds. couples surely enjoy it from what I've seen and I've had the pleasure of dancing with a few beautiful girls myself. if anything this is what I most look forward to, because it gives people time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the con, if only until 9:00.

and not only that I actually meet some people from last year and even made some new acquaintances.

and as for what I got, other than some pleasant memories, was Sleep of Reason (as mentioned before), Avaiyo: myriad law by Jeremy fetter, and Biomega Volume 1 by tsutomu nihei, and two amazing pieces of art by Daniel Hayman aka :icondhayman85:
and also a rather amusing pin from the know your meme panel

speaking of artist I actually encountered numerous deviantartist who were selling their art at the con. including :icondhayman85:,:iconelf-chuchu:,:iconlilythescorpio:,:icontoxicstarstudio:,and :iconauraspirality:. all of these people are awesome artist, so readers, if you have the time, check them out.

needless to say this has been one of the most eventful cons I've gone to and has actually spurred me to be active in a lot of things.
as for other news.
around a week and a half ago,........

My family adopted a Dog :icongrin--plz:
he's a 3 month old fiest hound mix and his name is Scout. needless to say the cats are still getting used to him. 
expect an adorable drawing In the future ladies and gentlemen.

as always,
peace be the journey-M.C
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hey guys and gal's. it's M.C here

I've been thinking of what to say as the new years eve approaches. I wanted to make a grand statement on how far we've come, but I think being grandiose diminishes the actually greatness of things.
so for sake of that ideology, i'll sum up the year. not just for myself, but for the world.

this year, much has happened.
we've endured many tragedies and setbacks.
we've gained new perspectives and accomplished great deeds, both extraordinary and average.
we've seen our imagination take us into new heights of science,knowledge and understanding.
we've recaptured our love for the old, and gained an appreciation for the new.
we've seen how others are immensely different, and some share commonality's with us, and how both are amazing people.
and through it all, our humanity has shined through it.

and while the constant uncertainty of the future  hangs over us,

we all look forward to the endless possibilities and new understandings it brings.

Happy New Year to you all.

let see what 2016 has to offer.
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 this movie.

is EPIC.

words can't begin to describe the emotions and awe I felt during the viewing of the movie. it's a pinch of something old and something new and the potential it displays is amazing as well as the ending, which I won't spoil.

the movie is a both a traditional star wars movie and a game changer. it's still the same universe but it has new places, races and a visual style that director jj abram's employee's perfectly. and the characters are amazing old and new.

I know not everyone is a star wars fan. but if you're a fan of movies in general?

see it anyway.

the moment my friends and I left the theatre we were talking about it and speculating about right until they got dropped off. 

and now that I take the time to think about it. I'm really grateful to see this movie  in my life time.

as alway's I'm Methusula Comics,
and may the force be with you.
Use the force! 
I arrived with my friend :iconsliverwarrior: and 3 other friends of mine this morning to the new York city comic con this morning, and we beheld quite a sight.
comic con attends, staff and cosplayers all moving about in a sprawl of humanity with the intent of merriment and chear. stands, posters and promotional banners for new movies, games, tv series and books displayed in all their glory.
I mean, you could practically feel the sense of belonging In the air.
but more so, this is the most eventful new York comic con I've been to In a while. "why?" you, might ask? well, for many reasons

for one,

I had the pleasure of meeting  the talented :iconchasingartwork: and the beautiful :iconharuvamp: in person! both are fellow deviant on this site and lovely people to meet face to face.
I even purchased on of :iconchasingartwork:'s pieces, which was some fan art of fma. you'll most likely find it on his account.


I saw the gameplay of Dark Souls 3 in person!
unfortunately, the line was absolutely congested, it took over an hour to get even close to playing the game, but my friends and I had neared the time to leave, so I was forced to leave my place in line. it's kind of a downer, but minor in light of things. for I can safely say that dark souls 3 looks promising and it defiantly has my purchase in early 2016 :D


*insert fanboy squeal here*
it wasn't really a talk or acknowledgement, I just happened to catch a glimpse of him. still, its always nice to see one of your big sources of inspiration in person.

a lot of new comics, and a sci fi novel.
the novel in question is "Drawing the Dragon", by April Adams. the author in question has spent 5 years on this project, and from the concept it looks to be a good read.
one of the notable comics (im exempting image comics and 451 studios because I don't want to babble on about the stuff I got) Is "Novo", by Michel S bracco. fro mthe cover alone, I can tell this is going to be a good read.

I hope im not sounding like an asshole when i write this. im honestly writing this because one, its been a wheel since I've written a journal entry. second, i want to share my story in a way.third, if anything I've stated has caught your intrest, then i like to think im helping fellow artist and writers.

feel free to comment, and till next time,

peace be the journey- M.C
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well I never imagined I'd get this far with gallowglass, but I have! 200 pages of my story have been made and posted here on was struggle, largely due to balancing free time, socializing, distractions and working up the motivation to continue, but I managed it. andm ore importantly I want to thank the readers who've stuck with me till this point. when I started this comic two years ago, I secretly dreaded that I would one day just put this on permanent hiatus.but for once I think I'm making progress. and I intend to do so until the story is finished, and I hope that you'll be there with me as a viewer, a reader, a watcher and a fellow artist.

and to add an extra sense of joviality to this, im opening up request and art trades! :D

now the request solts shall be up to 20. you read right folks, 20. the rules are similar to previous request; one per person, no porn or torture, etc.
comment want you want drawn for your request and I'll get to it if I think it's possible.

art trades have a similar rule, just comment on what you want drawn. however there are 10 art trade slots, so if I get more than 10 art trade related comments I may have to pick and chose. I hope you don't hold it against me if im unable to comply with the art trade.

anyway, im very proud to have gotten this far and I hope you like what is to come towards the next few years :)

-peace be the journey,
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in celebration of DeviantArt's 15th birthday I've decided to partake in the questionnaire that some of my friends, like :iconthe-last-phantom: for example, have been doing.
so here we go. long have you been on DeviantArt?
2 years

2.what dose your user name mean?
other than being a biblical refrence, it means wisdom and a desire to reachout to deeper aspects of art and entertainment. plus it sounds cool.

3.describe yourself In three words.
supportive. nice. productive

4.are you left or right handed?
right handed..kinda wish I was ambidextrous.

5.what was your first deviation?
comical entry. it was my first comic I posted and depicted how my ego (at the time) clashed with the reality that not everyone on da gets fame or notoriety the moment they sign up. Its one of the few hand made drawings that I actually scanned on to this site.
comical entry by MethusulaComics

6.what is your favorite type of art to create?
usually ones involving characters I've either made or ones I happen to take a liking to. Most of the time I draw stuff that's kinda violent, probably as a vent, but on occasion I do draw characters just talking with each other (along with joking, fighting, flirting and doing other shenanigans).I can say that seeing them roe peaceful side of art has defiantly inspired me to draw characters just being themselves rather than always duking it out. an example of this is the Christmas pic's I've made.

7.if you could instantly master a different artstyle wahtwould it be?
defiantly traditional art. I work better with digital layers, as it gives be the options of starting form scratch, but I do draw traditional as well.

8.what was your first favorite?
originally it was very well detailed picture of vash the stampede from trigon, but unfortunately it got deleted or moved (I dont know). so according to that, my first favorite was actually a deviation that's titled "the best palce for cartoon's". if anyone is an early cartoon network fan, they're gonna love it like I did.
The Best Place for Cartoons by WaggonerCartoons

9.what type of art do you tend to favorite the most?
most of the time I favorite something based on how I like the visual style or subject matter, and is largely subjected to my mood. if im I nthe mood for something sci fi, I favorite something in that category. if im in the mood for something heartwarming, I'll favorite something adorable.
in short I don't really have a specific style/type I tend to favorite the most.

10.who is your all time favorite deviantartist?
Zeurel/ Joshua palmer. the man inspired be to become a deviantartist In the first place after I saw his works with his character Spoiler in  the infractus fatality OCT on newgrounds. that beign said I've artist who have blown my mind in equally awesome works.

11.if you could meet up with any deviantartist in person, who would it be?
in the past I would have chosen one, but I've meet so many awesome deviantartist on this site, I'd prefer meeting them all. has a fellow deviantartist impacted your life?
there are many who have impacted my art style and way of thinking and I feel I would be doing an injustice to the all of them if I only chose one.

13.what are your preferred tools for creating art?
pretty much the only tool I have is Autodesk Pro 7. I would have more, but I don't want to put my computer under unnecessary strain.

14.what is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
it's not that any one place has any inspirational affect on me. sometimes my muses are more like a tide that advances and recedes and I never know which is going to be favorable. but sometimes the porch and patio in my backyard give me an idea of what should go on In a peaceful environment. and sometimes when I'm away form home, places like Vermont and maine will give me this surreal feeling of almost going backwards in time yet still being In the present, not to mention the rural side of a state/country can give you some down to earth ideas. sometimes inspiration comes more form music and looking at other art, then just sititng in oen radom place hoping inspiration strikes you.

15.waht is your most favorite DeviantArt memory?
there are a lot, but I say my most favorite is earlier this year when I got featured by :iconjeremyarts: for the first time. it gave me such a sense of being recognized and I was immediately overjoyed. there are hundreds of other good memories in my expericne in DA, and I hope many more are to come.

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I just thought  should let my viewers know that I will be attending a family reunion in Michigan for 10 days.
I could go on about this and my other experience in Michigan, but I wont bore you with details.
have a good summer, see you somewhere around the 27th.
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I've contemplated writing this, but due to the nature of this I'm a little reserved about it.I will give you whatever details I feel I can.

on Tuesday of this week, my grandmother on my mothers side, passed away at the age of 87.i was not their for her passing, but my mother was.I shall confess I didn't know her that well, but she was not a stranger to me, as I had the pleasure of knowing her.

due to this, I will be heading to Michigan to attend the wake and funeral. It'll be the first funeral in memory that I've attended. I'll return by Monday.

in truth, I'm not devastated by a sense of mourning, but rather a bizarre state of limbo. there is a sadness in that I suppose, but I won't bother you with grim emotional tangents.

I ask only for your patience and understading in this matter. and you won't need to worry aobut any request. and for my more devoted readers, I assure you gallowglass is still in the works.

I do not post this news in an attempt to exploit her life's legacy or memory for emotional sympathy, I post this only because I feel I must express this.

I suppose i'll finish this by saying this.

towards the end, I think all we can ask for is no regrets.

Peace be the journey
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I've been meaning to do this for a while, but here it is.
if your familiar with my system of request, I do up to 10 art pieces/request slots, 20 max. luckly I'm feeling the need to be productive so i'll go with 20
there's no set expiration date for this opening, it ends when all 20 request slots are filled and their art pieces are uploaded. if you wish to have your request listed, just comment on this journal and let me know.
I will advise you however that I have a request in advance from :iconrobotlover2234:, so there are currently 19 request slots left.
I shall update as more request come in and are chosen.
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I know that some of my more devoted watchers and followers/viewers are wondering why I'm not putting up as much art as possible.
well it's two things really.

think minecraft,

see what I did there?
it's actually a really well done game that's been around for a while (2 years actually) and it's pretty amazing. plus building your ship from scratch is pretty freaking cool.
you can make an itty bitty little pod or a huge battle ship.
and there's one heck of a community aorudn this game, them ost notable of which is mushroom fleet.
unfortunately I haven't really gotten into the multiplayer server but if I do it'll be my first PC multiplayer experience.
I currently have the demo thought, so it's something.

Life, friends, Dungeons and dragons, movies and other stuff,

.... need I say more?

anyway, you needn't worry, i'll still be posting pages and birthday deviations, as well as request (if I open them in the future). belive me I'm devoted to my comic and my drawing skills but some tiems I just have to get into the groove of things.

hope this satisfies your curiosity about what I've been doing. 

till next time, peace be the journey.
and remember (to quote my favorite toonami wall paper)
"space is the place"

Emote: Space Core Emote: Space Core 
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