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Anime Boston 2016, to be exact. :)

that's were I've been for the past 4 days.
and boy have a got a lot to tell you, so forgive me if I ramble or brag. I'm just describing what I experienced and I'm trying to paint enough of a picture to get you interested.
also, the last bit will focus on why I haven't posted as much as I would and won't be related to the con.

first off, it's still amazing as always and I actually managed to find myself at the opening ceremonies of the con. and guess who was there?

Eric Vale and Todd haberkorn! they weren't the only guest of honor.
among them were voice actors Patrick Seitz, Monica Rial, Tony oliver, Max mittleman, Erica lindbeck, Carrie keranan, Greg ayres, shino kakinuma, and toshio furukawa.

and among the directors were, masao maruyama, yukiko aikei, kyohei ishiguro,kazutaka satoh.

they even had J Pop stars ALI PROJECT and nano.ripe

needless to say, they all received a warm welcome, even with the crappy weather on Friday. eric vale actually made a joke about that.

 speaking of, I actually got a picture of him!
 and as for panels, unlike last time(unless my memory is playing tricks on me), there were actually a few that I was interested in.

one of which was actually a panel on how to kick start your comic on KickStarter by the author of Sorcery 101, Ken Mcdonald, who I actually bought a horror anthology comic from. it's called Sleep of Reason by the way, if your curious.
as for the panel itself, it was very informative about kickstarting a project and let me tell you all, kickstarting a project is no easy task, it requires a lot of planning and patience. and a huge, supportive and understanding fan base.

Another panel that caught my interest was one about making web comics and was actually headed by two authors who I had the pleasure of meeting last year. Trevor Muller, the Author of Albert the Alien along with various other woks, and one of the artist behind the Webcomic spinnerette, which is a parody of superhero comics such as spiderman. needless to say they offered swell advice on webcomics.

some anime panels actually did catch my interest, as they're was a panel (I believe it was either on Saturday or friday) that was showing an anime series I'd never heard of called "the hosue of five leaves" which follows a ronin by the name of akitsu masanosuke (or masa for short if I remember correctly), a timid man who becomes involved in a group of thieves, who's gang is the namesake of the title. oddly enough this series is also a product of manglobe, the same studio that created Ergo Proxy.

second was a series with the title BBK/BRNK which is actually a really new anime series. to be honest I had no idea what to expect when I read about it on the panel schedule. and I honestly arrived in the middle, but it was weird, wild and colorful. I know some of you will like it more than others, but its good.

the third anime I saw that was new to me was actually Vampire Knight, which I actually didn't know it was a shojo series, but i'll admit it it's good if you're into the school with an anime twist. In this case; vampire students who are may or may not be trying to upset the balance that our two main characters, Yuki and Zero, are trying to uphold. vic morgana actually voices zero and it fits really well. this is more of mystery with little elements of action and with a heavy focus on character relationship and mystery.

and a brief mention goes out to attack on titan's English dub panel (which was actually before vampire knight), which now that I hear in person, is actually really good.
I also saw a little bit of tokyo ghoul's English dub, which is well done, even if it's environment is primarily in japan.

as for other panels, I actually went to a "know your meme" panel which was actually really fun. it's basically seeing how many internet memes your familiar with. and this also started the process of me getting the nickname "chandler from friends". funny thing is I want even cospalying. but I'm actually considering it next year. dark souls anyone?
the second panel is known as "extreme geeks". why is it called that? it's best to experience it.
the third was a cosplay couples game. it was kinda cute seeing cosplayers sticking to their character.
the fourth was actually pretty fun. ever paly the game taboo or charades? well anime taboo was like that and it was insanely fun.

and finally the high light of the panels/events (to me at least), the charity ball the occurs on the first night of the con. it's a lovely setup for people to dress formal and dance to music and interact, maybe even build up lasting bonds. couples surely enjoy it from what I've seen and I've had the pleasure of dancing with a few beautiful girls myself. if anything this is what I most look forward to, because it gives people time to get away from the hustle and bustle of the con, if only until 9:00.

and not only that I actually meet some people from last year and even made some new acquaintances.

and as for what I got, other than some pleasant memories, was Sleep of Reason (as mentioned before), Avaiyo: myriad law by Jeremy fetter, and Biomega Volume 1 by tsutomu nihei, and two amazing pieces of art by Daniel Hayman aka :icondhayman85:
and also a rather amusing pin from the know your meme panel

speaking of artist I actually encountered numerous deviantartist who were selling their art at the con. including :icondhayman85:,:iconelf-chuchu:,:iconlilythescorpio:,:icontoxicstarstudio:,and :iconauraspirality:. all of these people are awesome artist, so readers, if you have the time, check them out.

needless to say this has been one of the most eventful cons I've gone to and has actually spurred me to be active in a lot of things.
as for other news.
around a week and a half ago,........

My family adopted a Dog :icongrin--plz:
he's a 3 month old fiest hound mix and his name is Scout. needless to say the cats are still getting used to him. 
expect an adorable drawing In the future ladies and gentlemen.

as always,
peace be the journey-M.C
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ToxicStarStudio Featured By Owner May 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much for stopping by our booth! We had an AMAZING time at Boston! I really hope we can go again this year!
dhayman85 Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
Hey, thanks for the mention and for stopping by the table! It was a fun con hope we'll be back next year!
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
I will. :)
Elf-chuchu Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2016   Artist
Wah! Thank you for the mention! I hope you had a great time at Anime Boston as I did. =^^= And congrats on adopting your dog!
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2016
oh thank you. to be honest i didn't expect a reply. I thought mentioning the artist would cross some kind of line ^^;and yeah, the dog is awesome. even drew a quick picture of him.
Elf-chuchu Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016   Artist
Ah, I got a notification of the mention xD But I think it'd be more of the contrary, mentions for artists or any other means of promotions is a compliment and very helpful! Cuz then more people can find us and our work! :3 So once again thank you!

And your dog looks adorable from your picture xD
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2016
yeah.thats a nice little factoid. by the way,mind if add you to the watch list?
Elf-chuchu Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016   Artist
By all means, go ahead! =^^= I admit I'm a little more active on tumblr nowadays but I still do update my DA with new works. 

Ah! It just hit me right now that I felt I recognized your username and I just remembered we spoke at AnimeBoston! You told me your deviantart and I wrote it down a piece of paper, so that's where I remember it from! ^^ Well best of luck on your endeavours and keep on artin! ;)
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2016
you too. :) and hope you enjoy my gallery as well.
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