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first alien contact movie.
this year(or decade in my opinion).

it's premise is an old favorite in the sci fi genre. Aliens arrive on earth and seek contact (or alternatively conquest) with humans. But this films adds tremendous depth and uniqueness to the premise and overall focuses on the more positive aspect of contact.

The premise in question is this; Twelve alien ships dubbed "Shells" suddenly appear In various parts of the world, prompting the government's of each affected country to scramble in order to understand what's going on. one happens to land in Montana and we follow Louise Banks, a linguist, who is recruited by the US to help translate communications with these otherworldly beings. Meanwhile the rest of the world reacts In there own way to the visitors, and not all are friendly.

Arrival is, in all honesty, a beautiful film, one that focuses on communication and why it is so essential for civilization and individuals to take the time to understand each other rather than react to presumptions. The film itself has moments of tragedy, horror (with no gore or violence), hope, discovery and more importantly, understanding.

The Cinematography is stunning and the musical score adds weight to what' your supposed to feel In each and every scene.

and the overall theme is the most important.

Honestly I wish I could bombard you guys with details and analysis but I don't want to spoil this movie.

it's best that you see this movie for yourself.

Peace be the journey-
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November 19, 2016


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