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well, my lovely friends, watchers and anonymous browsers. yesterday I was absent. the reason being simple, really.

New York City Comic Con 2016 :) (Smile)

(fair warning, this is going to be a long one.)

The sheer amount of what goes on here is stunning, and the amount of dedication and love the staff and attendees put into this con always leaves be surprised. Not only that, I was meet by familiar faces as well, some of which I even encountered at the Boston Anime Con. Not only that, I've encountered some celebrities among convention goers. And while everything I say here may seems vain or promotional, I'm not trying to lord anything over people reading this. I just feel the need to share my experiences (before my crappy memories erases or deludes them all together). and you know something, artist and individuals, even with a large fan base or plenty of starting support, need promotion, which I can actually emphasize with, being an amateur artist and all.

so here we go. here's my Comic con story of 2016,

 In the Comics section, I've managed to procure Spawn Ressurection and two new works I've never heard of before, and that I feel should be mentioned here. right off the bat we have Kodoja, a five issue mini series by Keith Foster and art work done by Rory smith. Kodoja is a tribute inspired by the likes of Godzilla and other giant monster movies, and even has unique twist to the title creature.The artwork alone is an attention grabber.

second is Tokyo Ghost; the anatomy garden. right off the bat, it was the cover that got my attention. and the premise seems interesting and promises to be a good cyberpunk read. the comic is written by rick remender and has art by Sean Murphy.

third is Spawn Resurrection. I've already seen glimpses of it's panels on the internet, and me being a diehard spawn fan, this promises to be a good addition to my incomplete and sporadic spawn collection. this addition also feautres stories and art by Jonboy and Paul Jenkins. The story seems to be a reboot or at least an alternate story (comic books are so confusing).

as I complete reading these comics, I might make journal entrees to let people know what I think.

also, I happened upon a booth selling a comic (which I did not buy, but have a card of) by the name Flabergast, by Mark Mariano. It's art style is simplistic and fun the premise is that a group of paranormal investigators is looking for ghost, but instead encounter horror and sci-fi sheninigans a little out of their league.

As for people whom I've meet from last year, I actually ran into :iconchasingartwork: once again and told him about my new spawn picture that was in turn inspired by his pic. We talked here and there (as I'm notorious for moving form booth to booth) and I even broached with him a question about weather or not people have asked him to make a picture featuring characters/creatures of Dark Souls. He has actually gotten a lot of request to do so, but has never had the time. so I offered to do a dark souls pic in his stead.
a big order ,I know, me still being an amateur, but I feel that given my recent explosion of creative effort and artistic improvement, it makes sense to do so. and if it doesn't pan out, at least I tried.

also, I bought the print of his kickass rendition of Zenyatta. it's actually In my faves and you can see it here:Zenyatta- 21 days of Overwatch!

Another face is the lovely :iconcorrsollarobot: whom I actually encountered last year. she's a very lovely person and is the writer of the comic series which is the namesake of her own account. Her work is amazing and is defiantly worth checking out. Her fan art of Kill La Kill (which I actually did watch recently) is awesome  and chalk full of detail, her own original work is just as much as an eye grabber. So for those of you who love a colorful and crazy art style that's still gentle on the eye, then check out her stuff.

another artist, whom I actually meet at Anime Boston this year was :iconofskysociety: an amazing artists whom's lovely rendition of Sona I've seen before, and has an amazing gallery with characters from various series and franchises. Seriously check it out, it's beautiful.

as for fellow deviants I happened to encounter, one happened to be :iconzzyzzyy: and the other an artist behind a beautiful Berserk print that I happened to buy. unfortunately, I've forgotten the name (or even if the artist in question has a DA account). if anyone knows the artist, please inform me  so as to mention him or her properly.

now I didn't just exclusively seek out fellow Deviant's and comic authors. I happend to encounter some associates of April Adams, the author of Drawing the Dragon (which I unfortunately haven't finished reading and should really pick up again). I also happened to encounter miss C.G Hatton, the author of the Thieves Guild  series. she was very nice and is a pleasant addition to the Con. if you're nto galaxy spanning intreuge and a relatively new title, seek out her series. I also happened to encounter one of the key figures of, wait for it,....

.... the Star Wars expanded universe(aka Legends), Kevin J Anderson.

 We briefly talked and it was nice to encounter a figure to a franchise I love. I did briefly bring Disney's continuity decision, but he seemed allright, and as he put it "Legends simply takes place in a alternate universe". Hearing it from an author of the EU itself, I'm kinda strangely at peace (Force Awakens is still awesome though).It seems I wasn't the first to voice that question. Hopefully i'll meet him next year and perhaps be less awkward.

as I was walking through the art sections, I happened to pass by the booth selling a book series, who's first initial volume is titled "flesh of the blood", by Ea Channon. To quote/paraphrase the author (or one of his associates)  the premise is "lord of the rings with the technology of Frankenstein". if any of you guys are interested, check them out.

and finally, bit of a short one here, I didn't buy the comic but I happened upon the Kingdom of Blood Comic by Robert Geranimo. the premis is simple; the kingdoms of men are separated by wastelands ravaged by horrific monsters. one man, after his lover contracts a mysterious disease, ventures into the wastelands and forgotten kingdoms to find a cure. it promises to be a great, fast paced and simple read, and judging from the art I saw at the booth, it's going to be a great ride for fans of horror and ultra violence.

now onto some non comic/book related things.

First, and this was early on in the con, I released I was going to need a bag (which I didn't bring), so In my mild panic I happened upon a Valve booth. the clerk was kind enough to provide me a free bag, but when he mentioned I shouldn't tell anyone(likely to avoid everyone swarming them for free bags), I decide to be a sport and i bought myself an aperture science teacup. The irony is that at the time of writing, the tea cup seems to have disappeared. And the bag would actually later contribute to an " I f*cked up  moment" later.Sweating a little...

Second, as I was looking for a shirt I happened upon the booth for Volante Design, a clothing company which sells wares inspired by media (deadpool and deus ex being the ones that got my attention). as I was trying on this wicked Deus ex style shirt , I was about to bring out my money pay for it, and this is the amusing part, the vendor tells me it's gonna be around 250-260 dollars. I froze, literally shocked. I expected it to be double digits, not triple digits. so unfortunately, no badass shirt for me. The fellow was nice enough to give me a card with my size drawn on it and mentioned that Christmas is coming around. methinks I smell something new for the Christmas list on the horizon.Meow :3 

also, I got a cute BB-V8 magnet. my home's fridge is not magnetic, but still,... cute droids.I am a dummy! 

Now, onto what's one of the best elements of any Comic Con; Cosplayers.

Now this feeds into one of the thing mentioned earlier (the "I F*cked up" moment).I happened upon the booth of cosplayer and fellow deviant :iconlisa-lou-who: (who happened to share the booth with :iconmegturney: who I did not have the pleasure of meeting in person). After having a nice chat (learning she had a DA account that was somewhat inactive), and taking some pictures with us and passersby, I started to move away from the booth, only to realize I felt something missing.
My Phone.
Not gona lie, I freaked out, particularly sweeting with anxiety. And at the zenith of my panic it took the observation of one of the attendants to point out that my phone was in my bag, not lost or tossed aside by my carelessness. You see, the valve bag actually had only one transparent end, and a black end, and my phone was black. Needless to say, realizing I had panicked for nothing, my first thought was "I F*cked up". hopefully next year I can avoid such a....embarrassing moment.

next, and you guys/gals who are cospalyer enthusiast are gonna feel your jaws drop when you read this.

I Meet Jessica Nigri and Saw Yayahan attending the con.
..... did you pick up your jaws yet, ladies and gentlemen?
so, miss Nigri's both had an unbelievably long line, encompassing around two angles of an adjacent booth. The wait was not unbearable, the staff accompanying miss Nigri we're polite and I actually briefly chatted with her . She happened to be cospalying a Sith Lord, and I was curious if she was cosplaying darth Zannah (thought I said treya, confusing the name at the time). She was actually cosplaying a character of her own creation. I don't know aobut you , but I suddenly feel inspiration for a star war's pic. Also, it's surreal that she was cosplaying as a sith when a fair distance away within the center, mr. Anderson was selling copy's of his star wars stories (along with his contribution to Dune).

as for Yayahan I didn't really interact with her, but I did see her as she was being interviewed(by IGN if I remember correctly). It's kinda of amazing to meet and see famous cosplayers, espically those two.

and I didn't meet just them.

I also had the pleasure of encountering and taking a photo with Kristen Hughey and Soni Aralynn, famous Cospalyers who also work aside Leeanna Vamp, yet another famous cospalyer.

Not only that, I also had the pleasure of meeting Marissa Jade, a reality star and model. As for the show she partakes in, it's actually Mob Wives. We chatted a little bit and I asked her if the show was staged (largely due to my cynicism with reality tv), to my surprise she told me that it's real. not only that, she also has a comic book series based on her.And I thought I wanted to do to many things. XD

and all of these people we're incredibly nice.

and I'm not going to forgot the other cospalyers. It doesn't matter if they're social media famous or not, they all put their hearts into their work. The guys costumes were kickass and the girls we're stunningly beautiful. Heck if I get a break I might cosplay myself! I'm thinking of going for the starting knight set for dark souls 3.

On something a little more down to earth, I actually donated to a booth that was doing charity for breast cancer research. It actually felt good to donate to it, after all, breast cancer affects both genders. so if you're at a Con and you see some one doing charity for anything worth while, please donate.

anyway, I had an awesome experience at this year's con. everything came together in a brilliant way, even with minor bumps and hurdles. In fact, I might even makes comics of these moments, for the sake of entertainment. I do have photos, but that i'll probably have to think over before I do anything.

anyways that's it guys, sorry for the wall of text. but I felt like sharing this with you (even if it seems a little vain).

also, I owe the possibility of even experiencing this con to :iconsliverwarrior:. he bought the tickets to the con, and I wouldn't have even gotten into cons In the first place if it weren't for him.

PS. I only realized now this is actually my fourth time at the con, but I  kept telling people it was my third year XD. and admittedly, due to my crappy memory, there was a lot more experiences I left out, but if you want to hear them I can talk about them in the comments. Or if you have your own experience at this or any recent con, feel free to share in the comments.
to everyone who was mentioned, it was an honor and joy meeting you(or going with in you in Sliverwarriors case) and I hope to see you next year.
as always, peace be the Journey-
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blueJG Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow this is a huge jurnal entry you must have had the best time of your life.Aside from the embarrasing moments. XD Aw I want some cool t-shirts. Oh and tell me somethimg more about the anatomy garden comic what is that all about?
And last but not least:
Aaaaa you lucky! D':
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2016
how am I lucky? :3

also I have yet to start reading the anatomy garden. however, the pitch is that japan is the only tech free nation, as everyone else seems to hooked on tech. two agents are sent to investigate and maybe pave the way for a war.
blueJG Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
You got to meet your favorite artists! xDD
aha ok!
MethusulaComics Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016
yeah. and a few beautiful cosplay chicks.
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